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Michael Kennedy and Verna Simpson are the owners of Curricabark, a sanctuary located near Gloucester, NSW. The property was purchased with the express purpose of designation as a wildlife sanctuary, and is registered as a Wildlife Refuge with the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service. Curricabark is also the subject of a draft Voluntary Conservation Agreement.

The property covers approximately 245 hectares and contains a mixture of rainforest vegetation species, including rusty figs (Ficus rubiginosa), whalebone trees (Streblus brunonianus), giant stinging trees (Dendrocnide excelsa) and red olive plums (Cassine australis). The property also features sections of dry rainforest which contains Gorge alectryons (Alectryon forsythii), hairy birds eyes (Alectryon subdentatus) and native olives (Notelaea microcarpa). The refuge also houses the nationally endangered white-flowered wax plant (Cynanchum elegans). 

Wildlife known to inhabit the sanctuary includes koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) and glossy black cockatoos (Calyptorhynchus lathami), as well as a moth (Dichromia quinqualis) which is of conservation significance.