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Rochelle and David Meyrick are the owners of Coorain, a property located in Kobble Creek, approximately 40km North-West of Brisbane.  The property was purchased with the intent of being a home and dedicated native wildlife sanctuary, and is protected by a Land for Wildlife agreement with the Queensland Government.  It is Rochelle and David’s intention to maintain and improve wildlife habitat throughout the sanctuary.

The sanctuary covers approximately 16 hectares with a predominant vegetation type of dry sclerophyll forest. Coorain is bisected by a seasonal creek which provides some creek flats in the valley with a steep well-wooded ridge on one side and the general house area on the other.

Located adjacent to a Council park and very close to the D’Agular State Forest, wildlife present includes eastern grey kangaroos (Macropus giganteus), koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus), short-beaked echidnas (Tachyglossus aculeatus), flying-foxes and microbats. Also apparent are lace monitors (Varanus varius), a variety of snakes, eastern blue tongue lizards (Tiliqua scincoides scincoides), water dragons (Intellagama lesueurii), fresh water crayfish and a wide range of bird species including parrots, finches, wrens, doves, pigeons, honey eaters and birds of prey.