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The Collaroy Corridor are the managers of Collaroy Slopes, a block situated in Collaroy, approximately 30km northeast of Sydney, New South Wales. The site is comprised of a series of private backyards used as a wild space in a dense suburban area. The group wishes to improve the biodiversity and management of this site by managing invasive weeds and actively regenerating the area. They plan to engage with neighbours and conservation groups for support to ensure that future owners of the land are able to maintain its ecological integrity.   

Collaroy Slopes spans one hectare of remnant coastal rainforest, crossing a number of properties and falling under E2 zoning which prohibits construction. The habitat has a high biodiversity value and provides a wildlife corridor for smaller species in the area. Vegetation is comprised of coastal rainforest and features cabbage palms (Livistona australis), swamp mahogany (Eucalyptus robusta) and cheese trees (Glochidion ferdinandi), with some weed invasion.

The property provides habitat for a number of species including swamp wallabies (Wallabia bicolor), long-nosed bandicoots (Perameles nasuta), green tree snakes (Dendrelaphis punctulatus), native frogs and a wide range of native birds and insects.