Wildlife Land Trust / Sanctuaries / WA / Broadwood

Lauren and Greg Johnson are the owners of Broadwood, a property situated in Kendenup, approximately 60km north of Albany, Western Australia. The property is solely maintained as a dedicated wildlife rehabilitation site and sanctuary for native species. Lauren and Greg wish to maintain the property for wildlife, leaving the property unmodified and uncleared to benefit native species and their habitat.

The property spans 12 hectares of dense eucalypt woodland. Vegetation is largely characterised by jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata), wandoo (E. wandoo), moort (E. platypus), yate (E. cornuta), native cherry trees (Exocarpos cupressiformis), interspersed with native grasses and wildflowers.

Wildlife is abundant and includes western grey kangaroos (Macropus fuliginosus), brushtail possums (Trichosurus vulpecula), brush-tailed phascogales (Phascogale tapoatafa), perenties (Varanus giganteus), shingleback lizards (Tiliqua rugosa), native snakes and a wide range of native bird species.