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Kieran Christian is the owner of Banyandah, a property situated in Mundic Creek, approximately 20km east of Berri, South Australia. The property is a home and recreational site as well as a dedicated refuge for wildlife. Keiran wishes to maintain the natural values of the property, with plans to revegetate the land with native species in order to improve soil health and support wildlife.

Banyandah spans 20 hectares and is bounded by a creek to the south. Originally a cleared agricultural property, it is now undergoing revegetation with native trees and salt bush. Vegetation is dominated by eucalypts, banksias, wattles and salt bush, with reeds populating the riparian zone.

The property is home to eastern grey kangaroos (Macropus giganteus), pelicans (Pelecanus conspicillatus), turtles, kites and several native duck species.