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Eleanor Robertson is the owner of Badjinjilla, a property situated in Kuranda, approximately 30km northwest of Cairns, Queensland. The property is a home and dedicated wildlife sanctuary as well as a bush regeneration site. Eleanor plans to rehabilitate previously cleared areas by controlling invasive weeds and replanting with native species as part of an ongoing management plan. The property has been declared as an area of high conservation value under the Queensland Vegetation Management Act (1999).

The property spans 3.43 hectares consisting of a mosaic of regrowth vegetation from two regional ecological communities: Corymbia torelliana Open Forest (Endangered) and Complex Notophyll Forest.

Wildlife is abundant and includes red-legged pademelons (Thylogale stigmatica), agile wallabies (Macropus agilis), northern brown bandicoots (Isoodon macrourus), short-beaked echidnas (Tachyglossus aculeatus), possums, microbats, white-tailed rats (Uromys caudimaculatus), lace monitors (Varanus varius), carpet pythons (Morelia spilota), tree snakes and lizards.

A wide range of native birds are also present including sulphur-crested cockatoos (Cacatua galerita), spangled drongos (Dicrurus bracteatus), forest kingfishers (Todiramphus macleayii), rainbow bee-eaters (Merops ornatus), doves and many more.