Wildlife Land Trust / Sanctuaries / NSW / Aquavian

Stephen and Sarah Quartermain are the owners of Aquavian, a property situated in Mindaribba, approximately 15km north of Maitland, New South Wales. The property is a residence and wildlife-friendly sanctuary. Stephen and Sarah intend to maintain the property for these purposes, with plans to carry out some habitat regeneration in the future.

Aquavian spans 10.92 hectares across lightly wooded acreage on slightly undulating land. The property features a large dam and small marshy area, and native vegetation is characterised by eucalypt woodland.

Wildlife is abundant and includes eastern grey kangaroos (Macropus giganteus), lace monitors (Varanus varius), green tree frogs (Litoria caerulea) and other native frogs, native bees, paper wasps, cicadas and freshwater eels.

An array of birdlife is also present including superb lyrebirds (Menura novaehollandiae), king parrots (Alisterus scapularis), pied currawongs (Strepera graculina), magpies (Gymnorhina tibicen), Torresian crows (Corvus orru), scarlet robins (Petroica boodang), superb fairy-wrens (Malurus cyaneus), maned ducks (Chenonetta jubata), dusky moorhens (Gallinula tenebrosa), purple swamp hens (Porphyrio porphyrio), black swans (Cygnus atratus), pelicans (Pelecanus conspicillatus), masked lapwings (Vanellus miles), herons and possibly marsh harriers (Circus approximans).