URGENT: Tigers awaiting rescue

Your gift can help rescue at least 25 tigers suffering from dire conditions at an illegal tiger farm in Thailand and bring them to an incredible sanctuary where they can thrive.

Our partners, Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT), have briefed us about their plans to rescue tigers from an absolutely dire situation at a tiger farm.

At the farm, tigers are imprisoned in concrete cages about the size of an average Australian bathroom, and sometimes there are as many as four tigers kept in the tiny space together. It’s estimated that there are only around 150 tigers left in the wild in Thailand. This number is at constant risk from illegal poachers who sell tigers as exotic pets or to unethical zoos, or use their body parts for use in traditional Chinese medicine. As well as the threat to wild populations, hundreds of captive tigers across the country suffer horrendously in unnatural living conditions in illegal farms, and at unethical tourist ‘attractions’ where they can be tormented and abused.

We can turn the lives of these tigers around.

WFFT are planning the rescue of at least 25 tigers who are still languishing in disgusting conditions at the farm, with plans to relocate them to their sanctuary in southern Thailand. Here, they will thrive in large enclosures with bushes and trees, and large swimming holes where they can cool off and play. In short, this sanctuary is as close to tiger paradise for a captive animal as you can get.

Can you help us support the urgent rescue of these tigers and help to give them a better life?

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