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The Kahuzi-Biega National Park is approximately 600,000 hectares of dense lowland rainforests straddling the Albertine Rift and the Congo Basin. These jungles are one of the last refuges for Critically Endangered eastern lowland gorillas (also known as Grauer’s gorillas). But decades of civil unrest in DRC has sadly taken a brutal toll on the eastern lowland gorilla, and it’s now estimated that approximately half of the population has been lost since the 1990s due to poaching and habitat loss from illegal mining and agriculture, which have been exacerbated by the conflict in DRC.

Your donation will help reinforce anti-poaching patrols and protect the precious few families, like Chimanuka’s, who remain in the area.

“The gorillas are very rare and it’s important to protect them for future generations and for the ecological role they play in the park. – Juvenal Munganga, Deputy Head of the Kahuzi-Biega Tourism Department”

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    Money donated is put immediately into animal protection, wildlife conservation and environmental programs in Australia and overseas. Most of our income comes from individual donors. Donations are used to fund our animal protection and wildlife projects supporting wildlife rescue centres, rehabilitation and release programs for endangered wild animals, and the investigation of wildlife crime. Your contributions allow us to deliver disaster relief efforts where and when they are needed. They support our work to protect wildlife habitat in Australia and overseas, with initiatives such as the Wildlife Land Trust helping private landholders protect the wildlife habitat on their land. Donations made to disaster appeals are restricted to funding disaster response, except for new monthly donations which help to fund ongoing work to protect animals.

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    Yes. All donations to HSI of $2 or more are tax deductible (Australia only).

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    Over 80% of the money HSI raises goes directly to our animal protection projects and conservation work in Australia and overseas. Around 10% of our expenditure is invested in fundraising to increase our capacity to fund projects in future years. The remaining 10% of expenditure is spent on day-to-day operational costs to maintain our office, and ensure we deliver all of our projects and campaigns in the most efficient way possible.

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