Lowland Gorillas

HSI has been partnering with Born Free since 2011 on projects to protect endangered Grauer gorillas (also known as eastern lowland gorillas) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The anti-poaching teams monitor 13 gorilla groups in the Tshivanga highland sector of the Kahuzi-Biega National Park in the DRC.

HSI also supports two Kahuzi-Biega National Park vets who remove snares and treat gorilla injuries and illnesses.

There are thought to be fewer than 5,000 Grauer gorillas left in the wild, which makes efforts to protect them so critical.

Elephants and chimpanzees

In 2017, HSI commenced a two year project to support a program for the protection of threatened wildlife at the Banyang-Mbo Wildlife Sanctuary. The triple key goals are halting of African elephant poaching, and ensuring that forest elephants can move within the greater landscape unimpeded and safe from persecution; safe-guarding the (Nigeria/Cameroon) chimpanzee and drill populations and seeing their populations recover; and to garner support for conservation and the presence of the Sanctuary from local communities.