I wanted to share with you some new photographs that came in this week from Morris Darbo, our Humane Society International Country Director in Liberia.


Many of you will recall that in 2015, HSUS/HSI stepped in to provide critical help to a colony of chimps in Liberia who had been abandoned after more than 30 years of being used in biomedical research by the New York Blood Center (NBYC).


When we first arrived we needed to provide urgent care and nourishment for the 66 starving, depressed and traumatised chimps.


We pledged at that time that we would not walk away until we had found a long-term solution for these animals.


We worked with the Liberian Government and more than 35 other animal welfare organisations to ensure the immediate needs of the chimps were met.


The chimps are positively thriving now, receiving  a balanced diet with food and fresh water provided every day.


I’m also pleased to report that earlier this year we reached an agreement with the NYBC to commit funding to ensure they will be well looked-after for the rest of their lives.


I hope these new images from the field will bring a smile to your face as they did to ours.


Thank you for your support in ensuring we are able to act when emergencies like these arise.



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