Martell loves animals! She first became a supporter of HSI more than 20 years ago and has steadily increased her support the more she learned about our campaigns to protect animals. We asked her to share her thoughts on why our work matters so much to her.

Where do you think your love for animals comes from?
I was brought up in Europe and came to Australia as an adult. From a young age my parents instilled in me to respect and nurture animals and trees. The many books my parents gave me as gifts always centred on the natural world and its fauna and flora. There was never a shortage of rescued birds or cats in our family and my husband and I have continued this tradition. All of our pets in the last 25 years have been rescued. We currently have a 17 year old ginger Tabby cat named “Norman”, a Green-cheeked Conure Parrot named “Frankie” and a Zebra Finch called “Sunnie”. I first became aware of HSI when I saw their advertisement on SBS television in 1994 and it was accompanied by the song “I’ll stand by you”. It had a profound effect on me. Even now 30 years later, the song and the message touches me deeply.

Why is HSI’s work important?
Without HSI the extinction list will get longer and future generations will only know certain species from photographs. We can only make a difference if we all work as a team and since HSI have already provided the structure and know-how, we as individual potential supporters should join in. For those potential supporters who can make a monthly contribution, it is well worthwhile, knowing that your money goes to help animals including some kept illegally as pets or hunted. In this day and age, it is totally unacceptable that innocent animals are killed for parts of their bodies as trophies or the illegal medicinal markets in Asia. There is no end to the suffering of animals who are subjected to this torture and it must be stopped. 

Do you have a favourite campaign?
There are a number of favourite campaigns from helping Donkeys in Chad, Africa to Bushfire rescues on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. But HSI’s campaign on the ground in Türkiye saving animals after the devastating
earthquake stands out. The campaign was called “Hope from the rubble” and it was wonderful to know that the Humane Society helped as many animals as possible.

What does giving to HSI mean to you?
I would like everyone to know how this charity can only continue its vital work and achievements through the support of their individual members and others. We should all strive to live in a world where animals and nature are treated with compassion and respect. Therefore, I am pleased to say that my husband and I have decided to leave a gift for animal protection in our Will so that HSI work will continue to be funded.

To learn more about leaving a gift for animals in your Will click here or please call Caroline Pattison on 02 9973 1728. 

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