Today Minister Murray Watt has announced the establishment of an expert panel to consult on the Albanese Government’s election commitment to end the extreme suffering of sheep on live export ships. 

Animal welfare organisation Humane Society International (HSI) is encouraged by the establishment of the expert panel. The organisation says they are looking forward to advice from the panel on the surest way to ensure a sustainable transition that brings a permanent end to the needless suffering of live exported sheep, that is also fair to livestock producers and industry.  

HSI says that it is critical that legislation is introduced next year to set the phase out in motion. 

Nicola Beynon, Head of Campaigns for Humane Society International, said, “The live animal export trade and animal suffering will always go hand in hand.  The animal welfare evidence against live sheep exports is clear, and public opinion has long opposed the trade. 
“Today’s announcement by the Minister is encouraging and we are pleased to see tangible action to finally end the horrors of live export. We look forward to the live export phase-out being swiftly legislated after the panel has reported. Every day that this outcome is delayed, is another day that sheep suffer on live export ships. 

Securing the end of this trade through legislation will spare thousands of Australian sheep from unnecessary and unspeakable suffering. 

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