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By : Humane Society International June 30, 2017 Category : Wildlife & Habitat Protection

Australia’s Minister for the Environment, Melissa Price, is due to make a listing decision for Poplar Box Grassy Woodland on Alluvial Plains – a Threatened Ecological Community nominated by Humane Society International (HSI) in 2013. Once it passes this final hurdle, the grassy woodlands will become the 28th national ecological community to be initiated by HSI’s successful habitat protection program.

Poplar Box Grassy Woodland on Alluvial Plains, of which more than 75% have been cleared, provide vital habitat for many plants and animals including threatened and iconic species such as the swift parrot, koala, bush stone-curlew and Australian bustard. Listing the community under Federal environmental law will provide additional protection for the most important remnants, and assist landholder participation in the recovery process.

Evidence provided in HSI’s nomination has now been assessed by the Threatened Species Scientific Committee (TSSC), which determined that Poplar Box Grassy Woodland on Alluvial Plains is eligible for an Endangered listing. It found that the woodland has become severely fragmented, particularly in its northern extent, which has resulted in fewer, more isolated patches, spaced further apart in the landscape.

Having passed through the assessment process, Minister Price must now make a decision on the ecological community by the end of August. But there is no reason to wait! The TSSC’s findings are clear and should not be politicised – an immediate listing is the correct course of action and is needed to save this ecosystem under threat.

A Federal Environment Minister has never failed to list a Threatened Ecological Community following TSSC advice to do so, and we need your help to make sure it stays that way by getting Poplar Box Grassy Woodland on Alluvial Plains over the line! Please write to Minister Price and let him know that this wildlife habitat is too important to lose:

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