Tell Minister Price to keep platypus at home in Australia

By : Humane Society International July 14, 2017 Category : Wildlife & Habitat Protection

It has recently come to light that a controversial agreement has been reached to export Australian platypus from Taronga Zoo overseas to San Diego Zoo. As history has shown us, this kind of export of our precious wildlife is extremely dangerous.

The last time any platypus were exported overseas was in 1958, when three were shipped to Bronx Zoo in New York. Within months all had died. The fact remains that the animal does not travel well, and this similar export plan could see these animals die unnecessarily.

The permit application requires approval from Federal Environment Minister Melissa Price, as the platypus is a protected species, so we need you to write to him to tell him that the export plan is a horrible idea and that there is absolutely no conservation benefit in exporting them overseas.

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