Sign the petition to help end the Yulin dog meat festival

By : Humane Society International June 7, 2018 Category : Animal Welfare

In Yulin, China, June 21st is an annual “festival” when dogs and cats – many of them stolen pets – are brutally beaten to death and then they’re eaten. These animals suffer enormously – packed tightly together in tiny cages and transported for days without food or water to slaughterhouses and markets, before being cruelly killed in front of each other. Last year, Yulin authorities attempted to ban the sale of dog meat, but it was overturned before the festival began.

Join HSI and our Chinese animal group partners, VShine and Capital Animal Welfare Association, in urging the Yulin authorities to implement and enforce a ban this year in the following ways: initiating road blocks before the festival starts to prevent illegal dog trucks from entering Yulin, alerting dog traders that their trucks will be refused entry to Yulin with heavy fines, and working with Chinese and international animal welfare experts to provide temporary shelters to accommodate and care for confiscated animals until they can be transported out and adopted.

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