Wildlife victims will need long term help to recover from bushfires

By : Humane Society International January 6, 2020

Humane Society International has set up an emergency fund and is ready to help licenced wildlife carers in need as they deal with the ongoing suffering caused by these devastating bushfires.

"Wildlife carers often struggle to care for injured wildlife in the best of times - in these unprecedented conditions they are being stretched to the very limit,” said Evan Quartermain, Head of Programs, Humane Society International.

"We know that in addition to the immediate injuries including burns and the effects of smoke, animals surviving in the landscape will be suffering from a lack of water, food and suitable habitat.

"To help carers on the frontlines deal with this we're offering emergency assistance to wildlife carers in need and can be reached at 1800 333 737. We invite local radio and newspapers to advertise the number for people in their area to get in touch.”

HSI has already assisted with delivering emergency water supplies and supplementary feed for rescued wombats, kangaroos and flying-foxes.

"We know that many of these animals will require long-term care, so we're also funding the building of additional rehabilitation enclosures for animals like koalas to ease the pressure on carers who are inundated with animals,” said Mr Quartermain.

"Hundreds of our Wildlife Land Trust members are wildlife carers, and sadly we have already learned of many who have lost everything they worked so hard to build - our hearts go out to them all.

"Assistance will not just be needed today and tomorrow, but in the weeks and months to come as we learn the terrible toll that these fires have taken on our wildlife. We plan to be here to help for the long haul.

For the many people who want to help animals in areas surrounding the fires, the simplest and best thing to do is to put out shallow bowls of fresh water. Fruits and vegetables can also be attached to trees to help flying-foxes, birds and possums, but some foods such as bread can be harmful to wildlife and should be avoided.

For people wishing to contribute to the fund, please visit: www.hsi.org.au/bushfire

Image Credit: QLD Police

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  1. Avatar Penny says:

    Thinking of you, team: well done. May you be given strength ,courage, times of refreshment and all that you need..


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