Wildlife needs our help more than ever

By : Humane Society International November 26, 2019

As Australia battles unprecedented bushfires across numerous states, there is a terrible toll being taken on our wildlife, often unable to escape the flames.

Wildlife carers in Australia rescue and rehabilitate injured wildlife, usually from their own pockets, and at times like these can be overwhelmed.

Humane Society International has more than 600 sanctuaries as part of our Wildlife Land Trust, many of which are wildlife carers. 

"We have reached out to all our members to see if they require assistance but we also want to open our offer to any wildlife carer struggling to provide care to injured and traumatised animals,” said Evan Quartermain, Head of Programs, Humane Society International. 

"In times of disaster we often see some of the best of humanity—like brave Toni Doherty rushing into the fire to rescue a koala. Wildlife carers are also some of Australia's unsung heroes.

"We want to alert all wildlife carers to our emergency fund which is there to provide assistance in times of disaster and we stand ready to help.

"HSI also gives our wholehearted thanks and admiration to the incredible fire fighters who are battling to save homes and habitat.”

Humane Society International can be contacted toll-free at 1800 333 737.

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