Western Australia addresses shark concerns with a measured, rational response

By : Humane Society International February 4, 2020

WA Fisheries Minister Peter Tinley today announced the approval of a plan to erect three shark warning beacons with audio and visual capabilities, as well as offshore shark-monitoring stations along the Esperance coast.

The new shark warning towers, located at Kelp Beds, West Beach and Twilight Beach, will be triggered by Shire rangers when tagged sharks are detected using listening stations, or a shark is sighted.

Lawrence Chlebeck, Marine Biologist, Humane Society International said of the decision, "We welcome the West Australian government's rational, measured response toward shark bite mitigation. Far too often we see governments deliver knee-jerk reactions. Emotional policymaking with regards to sharks does a disservice to the Australian public, and the nation's marine wildlife. Where some governments would choose to kill sharks and harm the marine environment, WA has chosen to heed scientific evidence, and enact solutions that can better protect the public and the ocean.”

Dr Leonardo Guida, shark scientist with the Australian Marine Conservation Society added, "We commend the Western Australian government for a sensible and evidence-based approach which addresses public safety without harming this important, iconic species. White sharks are absolutely critical to marine food webs and are part of what keeps Western Australia's incredible marine habitats healthy.”

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