Time to heed overwhelming calls for sensible modern shark control

By : Humane Society International November 4, 2019

Today Queensland's tourism industry joined the call for the Government to stop playing politics with Queensland shark control, releasing a statement requesting an update to the 60-year-old program and implementation of non-lethal shark control measures which will better protect Queensland's ocean users.

Chief Executives from three peak tourism bodies state: "The Tribunal's decision allows for a progressive implementation of non-lethal alternatives appropriate for the long term.”

"Now we have the tourism industry, scientists, the courts and the majority of Queenslanders all united in calling for the implementation of non-lethal shark control,”said Lawrence Chlebeck, Humane Society International Marine Biologist.

Recent polling has found that a total of 73% of Queenslanders support replacing lethal drumlines in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park with non-lethal alternatives. 

"The Queensland Labor Government has so far refused to listen to any of the facts surrounding shark control and continues to misrepresent their own reports into alternatives.

"There are a range of non-lethal options that can be deployed immediately including drone surveillance, technology-driven alert systems and electronic shark deterrents.

"It's been lost in the political din, but an updated, modern, more effective shark control program is what we've been calling for since the beginning of our legal action.  It is time for the hysteria to end. The Queensland Government must do the right thing and implement a program that will be better for people, tourism and the Great Barrier Reef,” concluded Mr Chlebeck.

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