Senate report highlights urgent action needed to end Australia's extinction crisis

By : Humane Society International April 4, 2019

Humane Society International (HSI) has reiterated its call for new nature laws following the release of the interim report of the Senate Committee looking at Australia's faunal extinction crisis. The report released last night recommends the development of new federal environmental legislation with an independent Environment Protection Authority to help stem Australia's extinction crisis.

"We have long known that Australia has been in the midst of an extinction crisis and yet little action has been taken,” said Alexia Wellbelove, Senior Program Manager at HSI. "It is clear that we not only need new nature laws to deal with the significant threats facing our most threatened animals and their habitats. Substantial investment is needed to fund recovery efforts and address the challenges facing Australia's animals and deliver this much needed protection.

"Recent years have seen multiple examples of political interference which have either prevented or delayed critical conservation efforts needed to protect our animals and their habitats. It is time this is stopped and we are calling on the next federal government to recognise the severity of this crisis and take urgent action if we want to protect them for future generations.

"Our current laws allow governments to trade away the last scraps of habitat for endangered species. If we are to avoid mass extinctions in Australia, animals need laws that fight in their corner. We need new laws which oblige governments to say no to developments that encroach on the last remnants of habitat for endangered animals. The time for excuses is over,” concluded Ms Wellbelove.

The Senate Inquiry's Interim Report can be downloaded here.

Image: Louise O'Brien

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