Koala dies in UK less than three months after export from Australia

By : Humane Society International January 10, 2019

Humane Society International is deeply saddened that one of five koalas recently sent to the United Kingdom from Adelaide has died less than three months after arrival, and is calling for the cessation of Australian wildlife export approvals without a clear and direct conservation benefit.

The koala transfer was touted in the media as being for a "special breeding program” in a "bid to protect the species from extinction”, however the Statement of Reasons obtained by Humane Society International shows this is not the case, with the application for export made "for the non-commercial purpose of exhibition”.

"Australian wildlife simply should not be put at risk through overseas exports when there is no clear conservation benefit to the species. This transfer was touted by all involved as a bid to save koalas through a breeding program, but let's call it what it is – a business transaction by a private zoo,” said Evan Quartermain, Head of Programs at Humane Society International.

"The types of activities that lead to exports being considered "non-commercial” need urgent review. The safari park in question charges a $60 entry fee, and it appears some signage at their koala exhibit was all that was required to have the export approved by the Department of Environment.

"We're very concerned at the increasing trend of wildlife being sent overseas for financial reasons. Hundreds of endangered birds to a private zoo in Germany, export conditions being developed for platypus so we can send them to the United States, and these koalas to the United Kingdom being among recent examples. Efforts to conserve our native wildlife must be focused on preservation in the wild where they face a multitude of threats such as habitat destruction.

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  1. Avatar Jennifer Evans says:

    Please do not export animals over seas. Let them live in peace in their natural habitat.

  2. Avatar Elaine Goodyer says:

    Our Australian wildlife needs to stay in Australia where they belong. There is enough of them being slaughtered here without sending any overseas only to die . I understand the need for keeping some in captivity here because with all the Govt. sanctioned 'slaughtering ' happening now and in the past there won't be many of any species left for future generations to appreciate.

  3. Avatar Amy says:

    Respect the rights of Australian koalas - to stay in its natural environment . Not a good to be bought & sold for whose benefit ? Certainly not the koala!s . It is dead !

  4. Avatar Linda Falconer says:

    Australian wildlife have evolved over thousands of years to survive in Australia. They do not have the adaptive capabilities to survive in the northern hemisphere. Leave them here where they belong!!

  5. Avatar Patricia & Barry Durman says:

    Was the koala male or female and what did it die of please. It highlights once again that koalas cannot successfully be translocated within this country let alone send them overseas

  6. Avatar Mar Rogan says:

    This is akin to human zoos that were once popular until it was realised that it was barbaric. When will these greedy bastards be stopped from this inhumane exploitation of wildlife??!! WILDLIFE BELONGS IN ITS NATURAL HABITAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Avatar Lynette Parsons says:

    Greed should not be an outcome of our beautiful wildlife.

  8. Avatar Brian says:

    Interesting how Department of Environment and Wildlife chooses to send Koalas from South Australia over the the UK to “save them from extinction” and yet is sterilising Koalas at the same time. Sterilising in Belair, Cleland, Hills area and Kangaroo Island. This Department is not interested in the conservation of Koalas but more so into culling them. Time the public was made aware of this outrageous culling tht DEW are permitting.

  9. Avatar Tony Gordon says:

    One koala dies in uk zoo, a big cry out. What about the thousands they die from habitat loss and road deaths, stop throwing stones and look at Australia, we are a terrible country for destroying wildlife

  10. Avatar Pheona Van Steenis says:

    It seems our government happily and willingly sells off our land and animals to highest bidder, are they intent on removing Koalas from our land so they can sell and build on it! Put a stop to both, before Australians have nothing Australian left!

  11. Avatar Marie wynan says:

    Thank you for addressing this awful “crime”

  12. Avatar Jimmy patton says:

    Australia needs to. Protect its wildlife and their habitat. Stop cruelty in farms and stop live export

  13. Avatar Jacqueline patton says:

    Australia please don't take the slippery route of selling your soul. Protect all of your heritage. No live exports and no more cruelty on sheep farms etc. Please protect your oceans and indigenous people.

  14. Avatar Azza Elsherbini says:

    Please don't export animals over seas and save animals form killing and captivity

  15. Avatar Alexandra Seddon says:

    Tony Gordon is right. The slaughter, neglect and habitat destruction in Australia is so devastating that it is hypocritical to be angry with an English Zoo.