Inexcusable acts of violence towards wildlife must be investigated

By : Humane Society International March 19, 2020

Humane Society International is dismayed at multiple incidents of violence towards protected wildlife in Victoria and Queensland. Reports have emerged that threatened grey-headed flying-foxes were shot and bashed to death in Victoria. On the same day it was revealed a man had allegedly deliberately run over and killed a dingo on Queensland's Fraser Island.

"Humane Society International is urging the Queensland and Victorian Governments to immediately investigate and act on what appear to be callous and illegal acts of violence towards wildlife,” said Humane Society International's Head of Programs Evan Quartermain.

"Australia's wildlife is reeling after a summer of devastation, yet the killing show is rolling on. The governments responsible must show that these disgraceful acts will not be tolerated.

With licences and permits to cull wildlife including wombats, kangaroos and emus routinely issued throughout Australia's states and territories, Humane Society International holds major concerns about the culture that has been created. 

"Aggressive attitudes towards wildlife are sadly all too common, and are the result of authorities essentially sending the message that when it comes to wildlife-human conflict, humans can do whatever they want.

"Over decades and decades this cavalier attitude towards nature has been allowed to flourish, but enough is enough. Humane management alternatives are available and Australia needs to get with the times and modernise our approach to protecting wildlife” Mr Quartermain concluded.

Dingoes are protected in the Fraser Island National Park and managed under the Fraser Island Dingo Conservation and Risk Management Strategy. Grey-headed flying-foxes are listed as Vulnerable under both the Federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act and Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act.


Image credit: Karlel from Pixabay 

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