HSI welcomes AWI investment towards an end to mulesing

By : Humane Society International October 26, 2021

Humane Society International is pleased that sheep industry body Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) has announced an investment of $950,000 for research and implementation of Breeding for Fly Strike Resistance.

HSI wants to see the industry accelerating the pathway towards a non-mulesed future to spare millions of lambs from unnecessary suffering each year.

“With the advanced genetics available today, more woolgrowers than ever before can transition their flocks to successfully mitigate flystrike in their Merino sheep and end mulesing. Replacing painful mulesing with better breeding practices is the best long-term solution, and one that HSI has been promoting for years, so we are pleased to see some progress being made,” said Georgie Dolphin, Program Manager for Animal Welfare at Humane Society International.

“We encourage the rapid roll out of workshops with the current knowledge, whilst the research helps to refine the techniques. There can always be more research but there is no need to delay implementation. With consumers, brands and retailers increasingly demanding non-mulesed wool, the sooner this painful and unnecessary practice is made history, the better,” continued Ms Dolphin.

“Many woolgrowers are already reaping the rewards from breeding flystrike resistant plainer bodied Merinos. Several growers have shared their advice and experiences in the independent report released last year, Towards a Non-Mulesed Future, by socioeconomic consulting firm BG Economics. We hope the report will serve as another tool to give growers confidence that this solution really works, both financially and from a welfare perspective – a win-win all round,” concluded Ms Dolphin.

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