Death sentence for Fraser Island dingoes was avoidable

By : Humane Society International March 4, 2019

Humane Society International is disappointed that the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service has killed two dingoes in response to tourists being bitten on Fraser Island last week. HSI is calling on visitors to heed warnings and asks the Queensland Government to rule out any further lethal action.

"These unnecessary killings turned an effective and reasonable response of increased ranger patrols and education into one that was overzealous,” said Evan Quartermain, Humane Society International's Head of Programs.

"People who travel to Fraser Island are made fully aware of the risks associated with dingo presence and how to stay out of harm's way,” he continued.

"Being safe on Fraser Island doesn't come down to how many dingoes there are, but how people behave around them. They're a large part of what makes this World Heritage site so unique, and should not be subject to retribution killings which do nothing to improve public safety.

The Fraser Island dingoes are one of the last remaining 'pure' dingo populations and every animal is important to their long term sustainability.

A study released in 2015 found 162 dingoes on the island, fallen from around 300 individuals in the 1990s.

Image: Alexia Wellbelove

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