Who does HSI work with?

HSI works closely with other like-mined national and international not-for-profit organisations to help protect animals around the globe. These include Profauna (Indonesia), Wildlife SOS (India), Wildlife Friends of Thailand, Born Free Foundation, RSPCA, IFAW, WWF, the Wilderness Society, Fauna and Flora International and Conservation International.

In Australia HSI works closely with other not-for-profit organisations to secure legal protection for threatened and endangered species and wildlife habitat, and with the rural community to help improve the lives of farm animals.

What makes HSI unique?

At the heart of everything we do is our focus on the humane care, welfare and stewardship of animals. This goes hand-in-hand with our broader work protecting the wider environment, biodiversity and wildlife habitat. We believe in the humane protection and care of individual animals, populations and whole species.

We are unique in Australia in the manner in which we support a broad array of programs, state-wide, nationally, regionally and globally, that bridge the overlap between wildlife conservation and animal welfare matters, working simultaneously on the ground and at the highest diplomatic levels.

Together with our supporters we are the voice for animals and their homes around the world.

Does HSI have animal or wildlife rescue centres?

We do not directly run or fund animal shelters in Australia, but encourage our supporters to support and get involved with their local wildlife rescue group or shelter. Overseas HSI-funded wildlife centres help rescue and rehabilitate endangered and threatened wild animals in Indonesia, Africa and India.

How does HSI help protect animals and their habitats?

In the 20 years since its launch, HSI has supported over 100 animal protection or welfare projects across Australia, Asia, India and Africa.

HSI has distributed or leveraged over $2m in funds for small on-the-ground projects which are in the places where animals need us the most. They range from rehabilitating and releasing injured or distressed wildlife, rescuing endangered wild animals from illegal traders and during natural disasters, or to supporting local communities in their efforts to protect wildlife and their natural environment.

In Australia the HSI-operated Wildlife Land Trust (WLT) has established a network of sanctuaries in Australia - - to help conserve privately owned wildlife habitat; the "Humane Choice" food label is an accredited program to improve the lives of farm animals and address the unsustainable practice of intensive farming; and hundreds of species and almost five million acres of ecologically important habitat in Australia have been protected by HSI nominations under Australia's national environment laws.

We take legal action when needed; for example with our legal challenge against the Japanese whalers to stop whaling in the Australian Whaling Sanctuary, or securing a ban on the importation of dog and cat fur from horrific Chinese fur farms.

HSI also spends a lot of time and effort working to change national and global policy and law, lobbying bureaucrats and politicians to significantly improve protection regimes for animals and the environment. We have been devoting a great deal of our efforts over the last few years into the issue of climate change, and have been at the forefront pushing for laws and policies to help combat the effects of an increasingly warming world on the natural environment.