HSI supports the Turtle Conservation Fund (TCF) which administers a turtle conservation and research grants program focused on highly endangered tortoises and freshwater turtles. The TCF is a coalition of NGOs dedicated to the protection of these wonderful creatures that we have been supporting since 2009. During this period we have jointly funded over 120 projects in dozens of countries.

Turtles are in serious trouble. They are among the world’s most endangered vertebrates, with approximately half of their more than 300 species threatened with extinction.

Turtles are used for food, pets and traditional medicine and are also suffering from their habitat becoming increasingly fragmented, developed and polluted.

Through the TCF we have helped to support projects as diverse as using community engagement as a tool for conservation of the endangered hinge-back tortoises in southern Ghana; protecting nesting female Magdalena River Turtles in Colombia which are critically endangered; and protection of the critically endangered ploughshare tortoise during a poaching crisis in Madagascar.