HSI has been partnering with Wildlife SOS in India on a number of projects since 2005.


We have supported the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre which rescues and provides a retirement sanctuary for working elephants in India, since its inception in 2010.

Wildlife SOS works with the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department to rescue elephants who have suffered a lifetime of harsh treatment and often abuse. These animals get to live out their final years in peace, with medical treatments and the freedom to roam the natural vegetation of the centre and bathe at will in the water pools.

There are currently 20 elephants being cared for by Wildlife SOS at the centre.

Sloth Bears

Wildlife SOS was the NGO that finally rescued every ‘dancing bear’ from the streets of India after many years of hard work and campaigning, and subsequently taking care of all of the bears in a number of sanctuaries across India. HSI is very proud to have contributed to SOS’s success in virtually stopping this tremendously cruel trade which also threatened the survival of sloth bears.


The illegal wildlife trade takes a terrible toll on a wide range of wildlife—from birds and small mammals bound for the exotic pet sector to skin and bones from endangered tigers, leopards and elephant ivory.

HSI also supports the dangerous and difficult work undertaken by Wildlife SOS’s Anti-Poaching Team, code named Forest Watch.

The team works through a large and complex network of informers gathering critical intelligence on wildlife criminals and the illegal trade of engendered animals and their body parts.

The team then works in collaboration with the Forest Department Police and other law enforcement agencies to catch and prosecute the criminals.