HSI wants an end to cruel live sheep exports. It is an unnecessary, unsustainable and dying industry with dwindling support from all sides of Australian politics and even less support from the Australian public.

In 2018, Australian viewers witnessed horrifying scenes of a voyage from hell where thousands of sheep perished on an overcrowded ship destined for the Middle East. What is most horrific is that this is not unusual, mass mortalities are the norm.

The live sheep export industry had accepted a death rate of 2% on board any live sheep export vessel – if a ship is carrying 75,000 sheep on a typical journey, that’s 1,500 allowed to die

The temporary restrictions placed on the industry following the 60 Minutes expose were not enough to make any substantial change to animal suffering. The Australian Government subsequently allowed for the conditions to be relaxed, meaning it’s back to business as usual for companies operating live export vessels.

Sheep continue to be crammed onto ships for long journeys in an environment where it is difficult for them to lie down or access feed and water.

The live trade accounts for less than 6% of Australia’s exported meat trade.

The reality is that the industry cannot be profitable without treating animals with further cruelty and maintaining high stocking densities and exports into the summer.

HSI will continue to call on the Australian Government to end the industry sooner rather than later, and we are confident the industry’s days are numbered. Take Action to help us end this cruel trade. 

Image: Shpernik088/Wikimedia Commons