HSI has long campaigned for an end to greyhound racing in Australia, and believes that gambling and animals do not mix.

Profit continues to override the welfare of greyhounds in this industry, which is plagued by discoveries of mass greyhound graves, doping of dogs, and breaking the rules by exporting greyhounds overseas. These practices have continued despite reassurances from the industry that they are able to reform.

The historic backflip by former NSW Premier Mike Baird in 2016 on a promised ban of the industry was a death sentence for thousands of these dogs.

663 dogs were injured racing during the first 3 months of 2018, and 37 were killed or euthanized on track for catastrophic injuries, that’s 10% more than the previous quarter.

Sadly, taxpayers in NSW, Queensland and Victoria continue to fund greyhound racing despite the shocking statistics that continue to come out of the industry and huge public support for it to end.

HSI believes greyhound racing simply cannot afford to continue as it has too many problems to fix.  The handouts of public money are not sustainable and neither is the burden placed on greyhound rescue groups who have to pick up the pieces. Together with the greyhound rescue groups and other welfare organisations, we will continue to expose the industry’s acts of cruelty until a permanent ban is in place.

Image: Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals