Threatened Species Children’s Art Competition

Threatened Species Children’s Art Competition


The Threatened Species Children’s Art Competition helps children unleash their artistic creativity while learning about the extinction crisis facing our native plants and animals. With this competition, we aim to inspire and encourage the next generation of environmental leaders.

We want to help primary-aged children express their feelings about our vanishing native species by creating original artworks and writing about their work. Since 2016, this competition has produced astonishing results, with over 2700 children and more than 100 school and community groups participating each year. Open to children in NSW, VIC and the ACT, this year promises to be even more successful. Children’s inspiring and challenging creations can delivere the message that we need to cherish and protect our threatened native species and reconnect to the environment which sustains, inspires and nurtures us.

The competition is open from June to August, with exhibitions in September in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra of the best works, expected to reach thousands of friends, family members, teachers and the general public. We’ll be helping out along the way with information packs, online resources and creative workshops for school and community groups.

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