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If you have any trouble submitting the form, please email helen@hsi.org.au

Instructions for the artist

1. Research

Choose a threatened Australian animal or plant and do your own research to learn more about it. A list of threatened species can be found for fauna here and flora here. Start by looking for a species that is threatened in your area or one that you think is important to save. Then try to find out the reasons that species is threatened, such as logging, land-clearing or pollution. Check out our factsheets for more information.

2. Create

Create your own work of art that interprets this theme. Make sure it falls within the categories of drawing, painting or mixed media (such as collage), as three dimensional, photography and video works cannot be accepted. Plagiarising is also not allowed, so we can't accept any tracing or directly copying from another picture. Copying the general shape of a species from a reference photo is allowed as long as you make the artwork your own.

3. Reflect

The reflection is a short piece of writing that describes anything you care to mention about the artwork, like what inspired you to draw that species. It should be 50-150 words long and can be included in the application form. This will help the judges understand more about you and your work. Parents or teachers can help younger children to fill in this section. 

4. Send

Please ask for an adult's assistance to create a clear digital copy of your artwork, then fill in the application form below and include your file along with a copy of your reflection. Your parent, teacher or legal guardian will also need to sign the Registration Form at the bottom of the application.

Submission instructions for parents, teachers or program managers

Terms and Conditions

  • Please assist your child/student to create a clear digital copy of their original artwork. You can either scan a copy of the artwork or take a photograph.
  • Please fill in the application form below. If a teacher or program manager is registering the child then it will be assumed that they have received any necessary parental consent for the entry.
  • For group entries, where a number of children are working on a single artwork (open only to schools and other programs), please click on the “Groupwork” option under “Category”
  • Only one individual work can be submitted for each child, but the same child can submit work as part of a Groupwork entry.
  • The Submission form will be open from 9am on June 3, 2019 to 5pm on August 3, 2019. All submissions must be received by August 3. Entries received after that date will not be accepted.

Entry Guidelines Summary

  • The competition will be open to all children in NSW, VIC and the ACT aged 5-12 years.
  • Original artwork needs to be a painting, drawing or mixed media work such as a collage. Three-dimensional work, photographs and videos are not accepted.
  • Entries can be made from any traditional media, including pastels, pen, pencil, charcoal, acrylics, watercolour, oils, mixed media, collage, or found materials.
  • Artworks should depict a native plant or animal species listed as Threatened in Australia. See the links above for a full list.
  • Individual artworks should be A3 in size, although dimensions may vary. Individual entries up to A2 in size will be accepted. Groupwork entries should be no more than 2 metres in length.
  • Children have to research their chosen species and write a short (50-150 word) explanation of why they chose their particular animal or plant. This explanation forms part of the competition entry requirements.
  • A parent or teacher must photograph the child’s work and submit the photo online with the child's explanation of the artwork.