They are running for their lives and we are running out of time

HSI is gearing up for the world's biggest wildlife trade meeting: the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

Here, HSI will be fighting for a new animal under threat from the international wildlife trade: giraffes.

Hard as it is to believe, they are suffering a 'silent extinction'. Once bountiful across Africa's plains, some populations now number only in the hundreds and fewer than 100,000 remain in the wild. 

HSI's undercover reporting has revealed horrific trading in giraffe 'parts', readily sold in the USA. THeir numbers are collapsing due to an unthinking desire for exotic animal products, including giraffe-bone knife handles, giraffe-skin jackets, boots, cushions and rugs. The trade sees giraffes purely as a commodity - it must be resisted. 

Watching these magnificent creatures being slaughtered, the governments of Chad, Senegal, Niger, Mali, Kenya and the Central African Republic are desperate for CITES protection. 

They are calling for an 'Appendix II CITES' listing to stemp the trade and avert the extinction. HSI stands with them, and our Head of Campaigns will be at the CITES meeting tirelessly pushing for support for the call. We are also urging the Australian Government to show leadership in protecting giraffes.

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  • 2010: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists the giraffe as of 'Least concern'

  • 2016: They become 'Vulnerable to extinction' (their numbers plummeting 40% since 1990)

  • 2019: Now fewer than 100,000 remain in the wild and two of nine subspecies have slipped to 'Critically endangered'