One in a thousand: with your help, we can even up her odds

Imagine being born on one of the world’s busiest beaches. Under the cloak of night, Olive Ridley turtles painstakingly haul themselves out of the water to lay their eggs in sand on Kuta beach that will teem with people at day break. 

Without our help these eggs are doomed.

Which is where our project partners at the Bali Sea Turtle Society step in. Dedicated volunteers patrol the beaches all through the egg laying season from February to October. They carefully collect the eggs from ‘open’ beaches where they are at the mercy of tourists, predation by roaming dogs and, sadly, even poachers who take them for human consumption.

Olive Ridley turtles are listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and they need our help to stop them plummeting down the ladder to become endangered.

Volunteers work ceaselessly through the night to collect these precious objects, carefully recording the numbers before moving them to safety. It’s exhausting but each egg rescued is a literal life saver.

In 2017, an incredible 74,425 eggs were rescued. But we can do better.

We want to help the team expand the safe nesting area to care for even more turtles. Every hatchling deserves our help because the odds stacked against them are immense.

Please help this to happen by making a gift to save a baby turtle today.  You will then share the joy of knowing you’ve given this one and thousands like her a helping

Together we can make it possible for her to return and safely lay eggs in Kuta’s welcoming moonlight.