Australia is #1 in the world...for the wrong reason

Australia has the highest rate of mammal extinctions in the past 200 years of any country in the world. This is no badge of honour and it demonstrates the desperate need for new laws to better protect our environment.

Our current Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) is up for review next month and industry lobbyists will attempt to weaken the law and make environmental destruction easier. This would be the death knell for so much of the wildlife we love.

We will see more irreversible loss of biodiversity, including the Leadbeater’s possum, the orangebellied parrot, the northern hairy-nosed wombat, the hawksbill turtle and the spotted tree frog.

Even our beloved koalas are at risk.

Australia is not alone in our alarm. Earlier this year a UN report from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform and Ecosystem Services (comprising 145 experts from 50 countries) determined that nature is declining globally at unprecedented rates. 

This report stated that one million animal and plant species worldwide face extinction—some within decades if we don’t act now with ‘transformative change’. The IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) recently added 7,000+ species to its Red List of Threatened Species. This list now totals 28,338, which is 27% of the species assessed and includes 501 Australian species.

Simply: we are not doing enough to stop the extinction crisis. We need your help to drive national leadership on the environment. And we need our politicians to be informed by the best science, address land-clearing and get them focussed on protection and recovery of threatened species. 

We can stop this extinction crisis and move Australia from being the worst rate of extinctions to one that’s doing the most to protect wildlife. But we must act now.

Our list of threatened species is growing and that’s worringly un-Australian of us

We must show our politicians that they hold our future in their hands—literally. Ensuring their review of the EPBC Act strengthens protections for our environment will take scientific and legal reports, many meetings and tenacious acts of persuasion.

HSI is ready and able but we need funds to counter this extinction crisis. Please donate today in our emergency appeal to help ensure our native wildlife gets the laws they need.

With your support we will do everything in our power to save our unique, precious wildlife.

Why HSI?

  • HSI has fought for legal protection of 7,000,000 hectares of our most threatened habitats

  • Also secured legislature for 73+ threatened species

  • And HSI was instrumental in helping form the EPBC Act over 20 years ago

  • We hold face-to-face meetings with all key Federal Parliamentarians

  • We provide first-hand advice to decision-makers during critical political negotiations

  • Work with lawyers to draft legal amendments to strengthen the Act

  • Use a network of powerful influencers to persuade the Government to protect our threatened species.

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