Currently, the Victorian Government is accepting feedback on their Plan for Victoria’s new animal care and protection laws. If you would like to provide further feedback, we encourage you to create an account with Engage Victoria and do so.

The survey will require you to pick the top three animal welfare policies that would impact you the most, the top three policies that are most important to you, and the top three policies you are most concerned about. In order to assist you, we have compiled a list of what are, in our view, the most crucial animal welfare policy areas the Victorian Government should focus on when progressing their plan. 

The policies we think are the most important for improving animal care and protection in Victoria are:

  • – ‘Recognising sentience’ in the objects of the legislation, which acknowledges that animals have pleasant and unpleasant experiences (fear, joy), bodily sensations (hunger, satiation) and perceive their environment (hard concrete, soft blankets).’ 
  • – ‘Care’ requirements that will create obligations to provide for animals’ nutrition, physical environment, health and behavioural needs, not just an obligation to avoid cruelty—which is a bit like a practical implementation of sentience recognition 
  • – ‘Decision Making Principles’ that will require decision-makers to consider impacts on animals  
  • – ‘Controlled conduct’ that will prohibit or constrain some cruel practices with penalties equivalent to cruelty offences – like force feeding, induced moulting and live plucking of poultry, and tail docking of cows 

The policies we are most concerned about:

  • – ‘Application of the new laws’ will perpetuate arbitrary exceptions for animals based on their commercial use to humans in complete disregard for their sentience, so that hunting, racing, inhumane pest control, and painful husbandry procedures on farm animals will remain legal  


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