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Agra Elephant Haven - August 2011      

Latest Update on Champa the Elephant Queen

"Madame Bossy" as Champa has been fondly nicknamed, is always busy with her responsibility as the matriarch and the Empress Queen of ' Elephant Haven'   
When Champa is not busy ' herding or lecturing'  her obedient followers Bhola and Bijli, she satisfies herself by strolling through the fields and grassland flinging copious quantities of damp earth on herself. At other times, she settles for an enjoyable mud bath or spends hours munching on the fresh green fodder that is always available at her beck and call!
The Indian summer heat is not her most favorite climate, but Champa has figured out clever ways of her own of beating the heat. A long splashy soaking session in the pond with two mahouts massaging and pampering her, followed by short sprays of water from her drinking water trough help her to get through the hottest afternoon and then dozing in her shed. At other times, she runs into her shady shelter and squeals for her favorite ripe red water melons to be brought to her, which she then proceeds to consume with relish!                                                                                                                                                                Bijili, Bhola & Champa at Agra

Her day starts with an early morning exercise routine (stroll) to keep a check on her "figure" which is, of course, of no consequence if you think of all the "jumbo meals" she gulps down in the day.

But these days, Champa is mostly busy playing host and mentor to the two newest members of Elephant Haven - Rajesh and Maya, who have just been rescued and have reached the safety of Elephant Haven.

Both Rajesh and Maya were severely abused, first as circus elephants trained with electric prods and then, after the amendment in the law which did not permit circuses to use elephants to entertain crowds, they were used for begging for their owners. Elephants who were used for begging or suffering chronic health problems, are now free souls and living at Elephant Haven.

We are forever grateful to Humane Society International members, without whose support and generosity there would be no Elephant Haven for these Elephants to retire to.

Rajesh and Maya have both suffered tremendously in the hands of their old owners and carry a lot of physical and emotional baggage with them. They are both suffering from severe malnutrition and foot sores as a result of long hours of being restrained by heavy chains constantly. They are also covered with injuries and gashes all over the body as a result of being poked and prodded by sharp tools used by their mahouts to make them perform in front of the public. They are presently receiving tons of fruits, TLC (Tender Loving Care) and attention to help them get over the trauma of their past life

Having lived their lives in solitary confinement with minimum or no contact with other Elephants, Rajesh and Maya have not made Champa's ' job'  any easier. She is still trying to win them over and take them  under he wings. But we
Rajesh at Agra                                                          are sure that very soon Champa's charm and magic will prevail, and "Madame Bossy" will have two more Jumbo friends to boss around along with Bhola and Bijlee.

Kartick Satyanarayan - Wildlife SOS

Maya before rescue


Rajesh and Maya at Agra

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