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Action Alert - Carbon Farming Initiative       

Carbon Farming Initiatives and carbon pricing

July 2011

The Government' s proposed Carbon Farming Initiative legislation will provide a voluntary means for landholders to obtain income from carbon emitters in the form of credits for actions that will conserve biodiversity.

These actions could include stopping the clearing of native vegetation and reducing the degradation of native forests such as by ceasing logging activity.

Unfortunately the draft legislation does not spell these activities out and the Opposition is so far not supporting the legislation.

There is also no guarantee that under the Government' s proposed carbon tax and cap and trade legislation that landholders will get credits for conservation activities.

Action required!

Write to:

The Ministers for Environment and Climate Change asking that biodiversity conservation actions receive credit and funding support under its Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) and Carbon Price legislation.

Write to:

Opposition Leader Tony Abbot asking him to support the CFI and carbon price legislation

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