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Wildlife Land Trust      

Wildlife Land Trust

HSI's Wildlife land trust

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Humane Society International has launched the Wildlife Land Trust (WLT) in Australia in an effort to preserve and protect our vital native habitats and the animals that depend on them. There has never been a more critical time for preserving our natural heritage. The program was initiated by The Humane Society of the United States in 1993 and is now protecting habitats in Canada, South Africa, United States, Belize and Indonesia and we are now adding Australia to this global network.

The Wildlife Land Trust protects wildlife by preserving natural habitats and permanent sanctuaries. Working under the guiding principle of ' humane stewardship' , the Trust protects not only vast and impressive landscapes, but also the smaller, humbler places that provide for the needs of all wildlife, rare and common species alike.

In the few minutes that it will take to read this article thousands of acres of critical wildlife habitat across Australia will have been lost. Protecting and preserving our country' s streams, grasslands, forests and wetlands is essential to wildlife' s survival. Every acre protected safeguards wildlife that desperately needs our help to survive. Our goal is to see the protection of one million acres of wildlife habitat across Australia in the Wildlife Land Trust sanctuary network.

In Australia the number of properties that are part of the WLT network and the interest in the program is growing everyday with several more properties in various stages of registration. For a look at some of the places our members protect click here.

The Directors of HSI Australia and the Wildlife Land Trust are asking you to join us in the vital mission to create a global sanctuary system based on the principle of humane stewardship. For more information on becoming part of this, see the Join page.

The Wildlife Land Trust Connecting with Others to Promote Conservation in AustralIA

The Wildlife Land Trust, in conjunction with the Paddy Pallin Foundation, the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife and the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change, instigated a small annual Private Conservation Grants Programs for properties within New South Wales that are covered by a perpetually binding conservation covenant. Please see here for more information.

In New South Wales, the Wildlife Land Trust has also developed a partnership with the Department of Environment & Climage Change (DECC) to promote conservation on private land.

If you have any questions about the WLT program please visit the WLT website, or feel free to call Evan Quartermain on 1800 333 737 or email him at evan@hsi.org.au.



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