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June 10 2011 - AA Important Draft Regulations       

Important draft regulations under the Non-Indigenous Animal act

June 10 2011

Humane Society International (HSI) has been informed at the last minute of the opportunity for public comment on new draft regulations under the Non-Indigenous Animals Act 1987 NSW (the Act).

The object of the Act is to control and regulate the introduction of certain species of non-indigenous animals into NSW and the movement and keeping of those animals within the State. Replacing the 2006 Regulation, the Non-Indigenous Animals Regulation 2011 (' ˜the proposed Regulation' ) will include amendments to the classification of certain non-indigenous species in Australia with strategic plans to control non-indigenous animals which pose risks to native biodiversity and ecosystems.

At the time the proposed Regulation was drafted, there were 84 licenses for the private ownership of approximately 417 non-indigenous animals in NSW, which include the Dromedary camel, Asian water buffalo, American bison, Northern Palm-squirrel, and two species of Macaque.

Of significance, key amendments include reclassifying a number of the animals to provide better consistency with nationally recommended classifications, including upgrading the Blackbuck, American Bison, Dromedary camel, Banteng and Muntjak to a category of animals that pose a serious or moderate threat to the environment, agriculture or persons and that are restricted to being kept primarily for the purposes of display, education ,entertainment or conservation in high security institutions.

HSI has particular concern for pressures from commercial interests that want to see such non-indigenous animals remain classified under categories where they may be kept in private collections. Our further concern is that such animals may lack sufficient management plans required, and that license holders will take advantage of lax regulations to continue to benefit from commercial operations and opportunities.

We ask for your help in asking the NSW government not to let political pressures influence such necessary regulatory amendments which properly manage non-indigenous animals and protect native ecosystems.

Action Required!

Write to the NSW Minister for Primary Industries, the Hon Katrina Hodgkinson MP (by email to office@hodgkinson.minister.nsw.gov.au or by fax to 02 9228 5969) congratulating her on these important amendments and urging her to do all in her power to ensure that they are passed without amendment.

Make a written submission on the proposed Regulation to the NSW DPI (Dept. of Primary Industries) Manager of Biosecurity and Legislation at,

NSW Department of Primary Industries
Locked Bag 21, ORANGENSW2800
Fax: (02) 6391 3740

**Submissions close at 5pm on 16 June 2011**

Please send us copies of any responses you receive.

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