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Wildlife SOS - Leopard Rescue in Maharashtra April 2011      

Wildlife sos - Leopard rescue in maharashtra

Wildlife SOS recently rescued another Leopard, this time from an 8 metre deep well in village Dholwad, 50kms away from the Junnar Leopard Rescue Centre. The Leopard had fallen into the partially filled well and was stuck to one side of the wall.

 It became apparent that tranquilization would not be an option due to the water level in the  well, as the Leopard could lose consciousness and drown before the rescue team could  manage to reach him. The alternative was to lower a ladder to the Leopard with one end  going towards the Leopard and the other end fixed to the door of the trap cage which was                                                                                                        held at the opening of the well, leaving the animal no choice but to walk into the cage.

After a long wait of just over an hour, the leopard at last decided to give in to fate and  walked into the cage. He was checked for injuries and wounds and once ascertained to be  fit was released in the nearby forest range from which he was assumed to have strayed. 

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