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Latest News

If further information on any of the issues in HSI's Media Releases is required, please contact our office on (02) 9973 1728 or email us at admin@hsi.org.au

2015 Latest News 



20 April 2015 click here 

2014 Latest News


historic wto ruling upholds eu ban on seal product trade

22nd May 2014 click here 

video - the seals that got away

28th April 2014 click here

video - Canada starts annual seal hunt 

16th April 2014 click here

Massive 2014 Seal Hunt Quota Confirms Importance of Seal Product Trade Bans

26th March 2014 click here

2013 Latest News

  • HSI applauds the world trade organizations for upholding EU seal products trade ban
    November 25th 2013 click here
  • Live from the Ice - Taking our evidence worldwide
    April 30th 2013 click here
  • Court dismisses sealing industry attempt to overturn EU ban on cruel seal products, HSI applauds ruling
    April 26th 2013 click here
  • Live from the Ice 2013 - markets for seal products are closing
    April 23rd 2013 click here
  • Nearly 60,000 seals killed without quota in commercial seal hunt
    April 18th 2013 click here
  • Live from the Ice 2013 - Baby seal dies in stages
    April 18th 2013 click here
  • Live from the Ice 2013 - Scenes of suffering from Canada's seal slaughter
    April 16th 2013 click here
  • Live from the Ice 2013 - Boats in the fog, seal blood in the water
    April 11th 2013 click here
  • Live from the Ice 2013 - Grounded, but the Slaughter Continue
    April 10th 2013 click here
  • Live from the Ice 2013 - Canada's barbaric Seal Slaughter
    April 9th 2013 click here
  • Live from the Ice 2013 - One Million Seals Saved, but the fight continues
    April 1st 2013 click here

2012 Latest News

  • Landmark veterinary study concludes bans on seal product trade are justified on ethical grounds
    October 11th 2012 click here
  • HSI urges MEP's to defend European Union trade ban on Commercial seal hunt products
    October 8th 2012 click here
  • Chinese groups call on Canada to stop exporting Seal products into China
    October 2nd 2012 click here
  • HSI condemns Canadian Government's move to proceed with senseless WTO challenge against EU Seal product trade ban
    September 24th 2012 click here
  • HSI/Canada statement:  multi-million dollar handout hasn't saved the sealing industry - it's time to end it 
    April 17th 2012 click here

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