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ACTION ALERT - Help to improve a bobby calf      

HSIHelp to improve a bobby calf's last rights


ACTION ALERT Help to improve a bobby calf's last right

The Dairy industry is not normally in the limelight for welfare issues. However, one significant matter exists at the very core of it ' “ in order for dairy cows produce milk constantly, they are kept impregnated and produce unwanted calves.

Whilst female calves are often kept to add to the herd and a small proportion of males are reared for meat, the rest of these calves, ' ˜bobby calves' , are the unwanted product of the Dairy industry.

On average, around 700,000 bobby calves are produced each year. This roughly equates to under 2000 calves slaughtered each day.

A shame in itself, the issue is worsened by the fact that the welfare of bobby calves is not properly addressed.

As part of a decision to develop current Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines ' “ Land Transport of Livestock, it was decided that Animal Health Australia look into preparing a science-based standard for bobby calf Time Off Feed (TOF) during livestock transport.

Under natural circumstances, calves will drink from their mothers about 5 times a day. Animal Health Australia has recommended that bobby calves be slaughtered or fed within 30 hours from last feed.

The minimum age at which bobby calves are transported for slaughter is 5 days. At that stage in their life, calves are especially sensitive to rough handling, excessive stress, and access to milk for nourishment. To allow a maximum of 30 hours without feed will result in discomfort and increase the stress of bobby calves during transport.


Such a regrettable part of the industry should at least be supported by the strictest welfare standards and regulations.


You can help by making a submission to Animal Health Australia.


In your submission, please encourage Animal Health Australia and the Bobby Calf Working Group to strongly reconsider the proposed amendment (SB4.5) which allows a maximum of 30 hours without liquid feed from the time of last feeding to the next feed or slaughter of the calf, as it is inhuman and enhances an uncomfortable death.


You can post your submission to:

Bobby Calf TOF RIS Submissions

Animal Health Australia

Suite 15 26-28 Napier Close



Or email it to consultation@animalhealthaustralia.com.au


Please hurry, there is not much time left as submissions are required by close of business Thursday 3 February 2011!

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