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Action Alert - Free range egg standards petition      


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July 20, 2010

Sign petiton over new free range egg standards

At a time when most countries are tightening their environmental and farm animal welfare standards, here, the Australian Egg Corporation has launched plans for new standards for free range egg production which will allow de-beaking or beak trimming of hens as a matter of course, stocking densities on farms to increase from 1500 hens per hectare to a massive 20,000 and hens to be kept locked in sheds for up to 25 weeks.
The changes proposed by the Australian Egg Corporation will allow large producers to charge customers a premium for branding their eggs as 'free range' without incurring the additional costs of genuine free range production methods. The proposed AECL stocking density would be a totally unsustainable land use and have serious animal welfare implications.
Please add your voice to the petition to show the Government you care about farm animal welfare and want free range accreditation to truly reflect a higher standard of animal care by signing this quick petition - click here. 


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