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Action Alert - End use of sow stalls      

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4 June, 2010

Help to end factory farming

Factory farming for pigs is at a breaking point in Tasmania as the opportunity to ban the use of sow stalls is due for consideration by the Minister for Primary Industries, Bryan Green.
Late last month, Tasmania's Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (AWAC) advised the Minister that Tasmania ban sow stalls through improving the State's codes for animal welfare of pigs.
The National Model Code for the Welfare of Animals ' “ Pigs currently recommends the time allowed for pigs to be housed in sow stalls be limited to six weeks after 2017. AWAC has recommended to the Minister that Tasmania go further to introduce the regulation in 2014 and ban the use of sow stalls completely from 2017.

Professor Rob White, AWAC chairman, says that ' If the Minister accepts the committee's advice, Tasmania would become the first Australian state to legislate a ban on sow stalls.' 

This is a huge step forward in developing a humane industry, and a chance to end cruel and unnecessary slaughter.

Now is your chance to TAKE ACTION

Help voice to the Minister that the Australian public want a total ban on sow stalls and that it his is duty to regulate the industry appropriately. Please write to Tasmania's Minister for Primary Industries, Bryan Green, at

Bryan Green, TAS Minister for Primary Industries
80b Wilson Street
Burnie, TAS, 7320

Call upon the Minister to take the right action:
  • Commend the Tasmanian Animal Welfare Advisory Committee for recommending the ban on sow stalls.
  • Urge the Minister to strongly consider the Committee's recommendation as evidence which supports expert opinion and public demand for more humane industry regulations.
  • Bring to the Minister's attention the opportunity for Tasmania to follow International lead in banning sow stalls.
  • Call on the Minister to commit to the Committee's recommendation, and in doing so, appropriately represent all Australians concerned for the cruel and unnecessary treatment of pigs, and bring forward an issue which deserves more humane and sustainable development.
  • Please send us copies of any replies that you may receive.

Thank you for showing your support. For more information on what you can do, visit our Factory Farming page.

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