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Animals cannot help themselves – they must depend on people who care to fight for them. HSI represents more than 10 million people around the world who care.

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Wildlife Trade      

WIldlife Trade


It is often quoted that the trafficking of wildlife is second only to the illegal international drug trade. Millions and millions of animals are suffering in the wildlife trade every year as illegal traders chase dollars and give little care to the welfare of the animals they profit from. Many species are threatened with extinction as they are stolen from their wild habitats. The pressure on wildlife around the globe is incessant, driven by demands for pets, exotic food, curios, jewellery, traditional medicines, aquaria, circuses and so on. Whether we are lobbying governments at international treaty meetings or providing funds for wildlife rescue operations, rehabilitation programs or enforcement authorities, at HSI we are at the forefront of the global effort to protect wildlife in trade from suffering and species endangerment.


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