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Spreading the word for wildlife protection - August 2009      

spreading the word for wildlife protection 

Education is one of ProFauna's main activities to disseminate its wildlife protection campaign to the public in Indonesia. ProFauna has run its Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) since 2003 and carried out education activities for the protection of wildlife and nature conservation through learning and fun. The centre caters for students of all ages, from kindergarten through to university, as well as from other communities or institutions. P-WEC also serves as the advisor of Fauna Club, an extracurricular high school student club learning about wildlife protection and nature conservation in schools in East Java.

In July, ProFauna gathered 27 teachers with an interest in wildlife education, from different high schools in Java, to a workshop called ' Developing Wildlife Education in School' . ProFauna hopes these teachers will become ' ˜wildlife education ambassadors' at their own schools and spread the information about wildlife protection through its formal integration in school subjects.

During the workshop, the teachers shared their experiences and limitations in teaching about wildlife protection and nature conservation. Even though these teachers are concerned about these issues and have a passion to teach their students, it turned out that the main problems most teachers face were the lack of teaching resources and media. They believed that teaching students about wildlife protection and nature conservation requires more space than their schools' yards.

ProFauna and the keynote speakers, including experienced conservationists, biologists, teachers and lecturers, suggested that the participants could explore their closest environment to teach the students about the subject. They were also encouraged to start a communication media between teachers so they could learn from one another. Finding solutions about the best way to teach wildlife education and nature conservation has given great encouragement to the teachers and they have shown their commitment in applying them back at their schools.

HSI is proud to have funded ProFauna's valuable work for over 10 years.

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