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We have provided further resources for the protection of painted dogs in Zimbabwe for anti-poaching activities and education programs.


South Africa

Resources were provided to SanWild in South Africa to help feed a pride of lions that were rescued from a canned hunt situation. They were being cared for while the sanctuary maintenance was being finalised. Further emergency funding was also sent near the end of the year for the feeding and protection of a new lion pride.
Further significant funds were transferred to SanWild Wildlife Trust in South Africa to pay for the reappointment and upkeep of the anti-poaching rangers in the SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Emergency funding was sent to the International Gorilla Conservation Program to help support increased armed patrols in Virunga National Park, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ten gorillas have been killed since January 2007, and HSI is committing funds to help the surviving gorillas for the next three years.


Sierra Leone and Guinea

In 2007, we continued our law enforcement training work in Sierra Leone and Guinea, as a part of its ongoing efforts to protect chimpanzees, working in cooperation with the Jane Goodall Institute and other organisations. Our work helped ensure a decision by the government of Sierra Leone to enforce the law in relation to the capture, and killing of chimpanzees.


Tanzania and Kenya

In cooperation with the Born Free Foundation, we continued to provide financial support for the work of the Kilimanjaro Fieldmen on the Tanzanian/Kenyan border, where they undertake very successful anti-poaching activities, with a special consideration for elephants. Due to the success of this program the area covered and monies allocated were expanded this year.

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