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ProFauna facilitates landmark environment regulation - June 2009      

profauna facilitates development of landmark environment regulation 

MAY 2009
ProFaunaProFauna's field education project, the Petungsewu Wildlife Education Centre (P-WEC), is located in the foothills of Kawi Mountain in East Java. Since its establishment it has worked closely with the local villagers, many of whom are illiterate and working as farmers, to give them greater opportunities for their personal and community development. ProFauna and the Centre have recruited staff members from among the villagers, provided voluntary education or teaching to remote schools in the villages, assisted with the organisation of regional traditional village festivals, and provided free seminars and help in running a range of community development programs such as reforestation, a mobile library, and mobile movie screenings.

ProFauna has also received a great deal of support and recognition from the local municipalities for their community outreach programs.

Yet despite the many sustainable programs and activities being carried out in the villages, there were still problems with illegal animal hunting in the region, mostly carried out by outsiders. Realising that law enforcement would be the most effective way to combat these activities, but that there was no law in existence to regulate it, ProFauna joined forces with local villages and municipalities to initiate a wildlife and environment regulation that would facilitate a ban on animal hunting.

The resultant regulation, launched on 5 June 2009 to commemorate World Environment Day, forbids anyone in the area of the villages to cut down or log any trees that are endangered, or deemed important such as the banyan tree which wildlife depend on for food, and the trees surrounding water springs and by the rivers or cliffs. Under the regulation it is now also forbidden to kill and hunt wild animals, to keep protected wildlife as domestic pets, to fish unsustainably using electricity or poison, and to litter the environment with non-degradable wastes.

ProFauna believes the cooperation in the development of this regulation will enable the local villagers to assists the municipalities to enforce the new laws, and to continue to live sustainably and protect their environment. ProFauna will also maintain an important role in assisting the municipalities with enforcement of the regulation, and extend their outreach to even more villages for the greater protection of wildlife in Indonesia.

HSI is proud to have funded ProFauna's valuable work for over 10 years.

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