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Illegal wildlife trade exposed      

illegal wildlife trade syndicate exposed in indonesia

MAY 2009
HSI's project partner ProFauna Indonesia, has collaborated with the East Java Police Department to uncover an illegal wildlife trade syndicate in Surabaya. This area is notorious as one of the largest animal market centres in Indonesia.

The perpetrator was caught red-handed in possession of 26 protected animals, including 10 black-capped lories, 13 sulphur-crested cockatoos, and 3 goffin cockatoos. This seizure has exposed major international links of the illicit parrot trade, with the accused later admitting to having smuggled five palm cockatoos to Malaysia that very week.

Earlier this month, ProFauna launched a report revealing the depth of the illegal parrot trade in Indonesia entitled Pirated Parrots. It describes the staggering number of parrots that are poached from the wild every year to supply domestic and international trade markets. An astounding 10,000 parrots are captured each year in the wild from North Halmahera in eastern Indonesia alone, with 41% of them smuggled to the Philippines, and 59% entering domestic trade markets.

Click here to read ProFauna's Pirated Parrots  report.

HSI has funded ProFauna's valuable work for over 10 years. Formerly called KSBK, ProFauna was established in 1994 to support the freedom of wild animals from cruelty and illegal trade. Since its creation, ProFauna has actively conducted public awareness campaigns, education and protection programs, and enforcement actions for wildlife protection in Indonesia. Their investigations have been instrumental in highlighting just how rampant the illegal trade of wildlife in Indonesia has continued to be, and their collaborations with regional police and the forestry department has facilitated countless raids on establishments involved with illegal activity.

Profauna is committed to working for the protection of wild animals and their habitats, and their dedicated actions are making real changes on the ground in Indonesia.

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