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People for Animals Sea Turtle Conservation Update      

sea turtle conservation in india

MARCH 2009
Turtle Workshop' Our children are our future. If they become aware about the conservation of Olive Ridley Sea turtle they can help protect them'   Jiban Das, People for Animals

The HSI-funded project, the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle conservation programme, has been focused on educating local communities about the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle found in the state of Orissa, on the east coast of India (by the Bay of Bengal).

The local NGO, People for Animals, supported by HSI have been working with local communities to highlight the importance of conserving the three main nesting places for this vulnerable species. The involvement of the fishing communities, local community representatives, school students, government representative and othersin the campaign has started to change the attitudes of the people whose live intersect with these amazing animals. People are now aware about this important species and their important role in helping to protect it.

A community awareness campaign on the turtles resulted in posters and brochures being published, and wall painting and hoardings installed at various locations. Workshops and awareness meetings were organized at different areas in the state (such as Gahirmatha, Kendrapara, Rushikulya and Ganjam), and at local schools and community halls.

TurtlesThis HSI-funded community project has enabled local representatives to have a voice, with the fishing community, local community representatives, and local govt. officials all participating. A range of conservation management issues were addressed, including the impact of these on the livelihoods of the local fishing community. This has resulted in the local State Government working with the Govt. of India to provide support to the local fishing communities working to protect these incredible turtles.

The involvement of schools has meant a whole generation of school children are now aware of the threats facing these amazing animals, and the steps they can take to protect them. The past year has been seen a rise in the involvement of local people monitoring the turtle activitiesfrom nesting to hatching.

HSI supports these on-the-ground community programs, organised with dedicated staff and volunteers, to help support local communities care for local wildlife and their natural environment.
Supported the work of the ' People for Animals'  on the east coast of India (Orissa) this year, aimed at protecting Olive Ridley Turtles. This proposed program attempts to involve directly and indirectly all those people whose lives are intimately linked with the coastal resources ' “ to show that turtles in their area are an integral part of the ecosystem and that there is an urgent need to save them.

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