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Action Alert - Animal Welfare      

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Action Alert - 25 November 2008

Ask the political parties to commit to Animal Welfare this federal election
In the lead-up to the federal election on the 24th November 2007, HSI has written to the Coalition, Australian Labor Party, the Greens, and the Democrats, seeking Party commitments on a range of animal welfare issues, that if adopted, would see Australia make a significant contribution to animal welfare both in Australia and throughout the region.

As the Parties formulate their election policies over the coming weeks, it is essential that pressure is maintained on them to consider incorporating issues of animal welfare into these policy frameworks.

HSI's 2007 Federal Election policy requests regarding Animal Welfare are:

  1. Build on the National Strategy for Animal Welfare by passing a National Animal Welfare Act;

  1. Immediately ban the live export of livestock due to the cruel and inhumane treatment that these animals are subjected to during transport and upon arrival in destination countries;

  1. Establish a Regional Fund for Animal Welfare, and commit $10million towards Non-Government Organisation projects in the Asia Pacific region. Such a program would help to improve the welfare of wild, companion and farm animals in the region by increasing education and awareness; building capacity such as infrastructure development, veterinary training, disaster response training; and securing investment in programs related to humane animal control (eg. Spay/Neuter population management programs) and financing emergency relief efforts following natural disasters in the region;
  1. Maintain Australia's long held policy banning the safari hunting of native Australian wildlife such as saltwater crocodiles for export;
  1. Enforce the Australian Whale Sanctuary preventing cruel whaling practices by Japanese whaling vessels;
  1. Ban any further importation of elephants to Australian zoos;

  1. Take stricter domestic measures to ban the importation of any bear, seal or big cat parts or products into Australia; and

  1. Ensure the declaration of sanctuaries to secure the protection of the critically endangered grey nurse shark to prevent the cruel incidental hooking of these animals which often leads to their slow death.



Act by 12 November 2007

Write to the politicians listed below. Explain how important animal welfare issues are to you as an Australian, and ask them to commit to each of the above policy requests if elected in the upcoming federal election.

Mr Kevin Rudd MP
Leader of the Australian Labor Party
PO Box 476A
Morningside Qld 4170
Fax: 07 3899 5755

Send copies of this letter to: Mr Peter Garrett MP, Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Heritage, PO Box 249, Maroubra NSW 2035 (Fax: 02 9349 8089), and Senator Kerry O'Brien, Shadow Minister for Primary Industries, Fisheries and Forestry, 44 Charles Street, Launceston Tas 7250 (Fax: 03 6334 9369).

The Hon John Howard MP
Prime Minister
PO Box 336
Gladesville NSW 2111
Fax: 02 9816 1349

Send copies of this letter to: The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Level 1, 5a Bronte Road, Bondi Junction NSW 2022 (Fax: 02 9369 5225), and The Hon Peter McGauran MP, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, PO Box 486, Sale Vic 3850 (Fax: 03 5144 3945).

Please send HSI copies of any replies you receive.

Note: HSI is pleased that the Australian Democrats and the Australian Greens have had a long commitment to animal welfare. We need your help to bring the major Parties into line.

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